How to know if you are splurging on wedding photography?

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Are you an engaged couple and wondering whether you are splurging on wedding photography?  The real question is, how do you know if you are actually splurging or not?  There are many ways to look at your wedding costs.  Usually, there are two figures competing for your attention.  On one hand: the plain dollar amount.  On the other hand: the percentage (of your total wedding cost).  Allocating 10% of your entire wedding budget for wedding photography is reasonable.


The truth is, wedding costs are relative.  Most couples have an idea of how much they can spend for the whole wedding, but when you have to budget money for each wedding vendor, then the big numbers grab your attention.   For example, $10,000 for a top wedding photographer sounds very high.  However, say the overall wedding budget is $100,000 or more, then spending $10,000, which is 10% for photography sounds about right and not really a splurge.  Or if your total wedding budget is between $50,000 to $75,000 for your wedding in Napa and Sonoma Wine Country or the San Francisco Bay Area, then 10% of that budget which is $5,000 to $7,500 for wedding photography is still reasonable.


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When you think of your costs as a percentage of your total budget, then you may realize you can actually afford more than what you thought.  10% of your Wedding Budget for Photography is reasonable, and you can feel great knowing you set your expectations accordingly and are getting what you want!
If you love a photographer’s work but realize it may still cost more than 10% of your budget, some wedding registry sites like Zola, enable couples to create a group gifting or cash fund for “Wedding Photography,” so family and friends know they can contribute towards something that means a lot.

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