What is Fine Art Wedding Photography?

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The term “fine art” has become a trendy keyword that many wedding photographers use to describe their style, so you may be wondering, what exactly is fine art photography?  The reality is, there is no universal definition.  Simply put, a fine art photographer captures photos that are intended to be appreciated as visual art.  Yes, this definition is vague, so a better question is, “What is a fine art wedding photographer aiming to produce?”

To begin, fine art wedding photography starts with the photographer’s artistic vision.  Today, a modern fine art approach is what is most commonly taken in which wedding images are shot with a specific narrative in mind, with careful attention paid to lighting, background, and composition.  This approach is different from photojournalism in that a photojournalists priority is to objectively depict an event without artistic enhancements.  Acclaimed fine art wedding photographers will usually be known for a consistent artistic style as seen in their portfolios.

Film is a popular medium that fine art wedding photographers still work in to define their style because it offers more artistic control to produce images a broad range of styles from dark & moody to bright & airy.  Yes, digital images can also be processed to simulate the look of film, which allows fine art photographers to work in both film and digital mediums, also known as “hybrid”, however, it is important to point out that it is not the medium itself (film or digital) or camera equipment that defines fine art, but rather, it is the photographer’s design aesthetic and approach to capturing the images.  Based on this explanation, film photographers can also be photojournalists, and fine art images can also be shot on digital cameras.  

Now, the most important question is, “why should you consider a fine art wedding photographer”?   The short answer is, if you are planning a wedding in which design, decor, and aesthetics are paramount, then a fine art wedding photographer is a good choice for you.  Every photographer’s style is different so choose one that is a perfect match for you and your wedding day vision.

At Evonne & Darren Photography, we are a husband and wife wedding photography team who love to shoot film to produce images with soft, pastel-like colors.  If you are wondering how we will capture bright & airy images with a romantic aesthetic that tell the story of your wedding day, we would be delighted to chat with you!  Please contact Evonne for more details. 

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